Film-Film Hollywood Versi Bahasa Sunda

a. Saving Private Ryan – Nulungan si Rian

b. Enemy At The Gate – Musuh Ngajedog di Pager

c. Die Hard – Teu Paeh-Paeh

d. Die Hard II – Can Paeh Keneh

e. Die Hard III With A Vengeance – Nya’an euy Hese Pisan Paehna

f. Bad Boys – budag bedegong

g. Rocky – Osok Neunggeulan Batur

h. Rain Man – Lalaki Cicing di Bogor

i. Here’s Something About Marry – Ari Ceu Meri Teh Kunaon?

j. Mission Impossible – Moal Bisa

k. Titanic – Tilelep

l. Paycheck – Nganjuk Heula

m. Reign of Fire – Beubeuleuman

n. Original Sin – Tara Ka Mesjid

o. Sleepless In Seattle – Cenghar Di Ciateul

p. Silence of The Lambs – Embe Pundung

q. Ghost – Jurig Kasep

r. Bad Boys – Budak Baong

s. Are We There Yet? – Lila Teuing Nepina Euy?

t. Home Alone – Tinggaleun

u. Casablanca – Mengkol Ti Sudirman

v. Gone In Sixty Seconds – Indit Siah Kaditu!

w. The Awakening – Hudang Sare

x. After The Sunset – Tereh Maghrib

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